Sewer Pipe Lining with Fiberglass:

We have a complete system that allows us to repair your main sewer line all the way to the city sewer line in the street. We pull a fiberglass bladder in to position within the pipe where it is then hardened with epoxy to prevent roots and dirt from blocking the main drain that your home needs.

This system is also known as Cured in Place Pipe Lining Systems or the CIPP system and can be applied via the "one hole" excavation method. This system can save a home owner a lot of money as it is less expensive than a complete pipe replacement.

The Process

  1. Existing host pipeline is cleaned out with rooter machine.
  2. Video pipe camera inspection confirms if pipe can receive lining.
  3. One (1) small pothole, approximately 4ft. x 3ft., is excavated to expose pipe.
  4. One piece felt liner is treated with epoxy resin.
  5. Lining is inserted into old pipe, calibration tube is inflated and expands the lining.
  6. Lining is “Cured-in-Place" as epoxy resin cooks and hardens.
  7. Calibration tube is deflated and removed, video camera inspects the results.
  8. Pipe lining is a permanent, stand-alone, new pipeline.


  • Restore cracked pipe
    Eliminate root intrusion
  • Close holes in pipe walls
  • Seal open joints
  • Seals bottomless cast iron
  • Storm drain lines sealed
  • Vertical drain pipes
  • Electrical conduit lines
  • Bridge missing pipe
  • Prevent ex-filtration
  • From 2' to 120' long


  • Prevents root growth
  • Diameters from 2" to 8"
  • Adheres to existing pipe structure
  • No street access needed
  • No use of manholes in sewer main inversion method, not pull-in-inflate
  • Single point of access
  • Open at sewer main connection, no cutting
  • Brand name product, industry
    proven & trusted
  • No maintenance after installation
  • Stops infiltration / ex-filtration
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