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e have compiled a list of tips and hints to help out the handyman in your home.

Just remember, if you try these tips and they don't work out WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Just give us a call and we'll see if we can give you a hand!

Also remember, if it is an emergency contact us immediately! These tips are meant for general maintenance not emergency fixes.




 Tips and Hints, How to Lower Your Electric Bill

 Tips and Hints 

Clean your shower head by tying a plastic bag of vinegar over the shower head overnight. In the morning just remove the bag and it will be good as new!

Consider shutting off your water main and water heater during vacations. This will save you money while traveling and reduce the risk of leak damage!

Run cold tap water through your garbage disposal during use and for about 20 seconds after you are finished. This will reduce grease clogs in your pipes.

If your garbage disposal has an odor to it, try running ice cubes and lemon peels through it for about 30 seconds. If that doesn't work give us a call!

Consider flushing your water heater twice a year to prevent sediment buildup and help it run a peak performance.

Avoid setting your water heater above 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid accidental scalding. This is especially important if children are in the house.

Always set a timer when you are watering plants outdoors in dry weather. Leaving you water running all night by accident is expensive and easy to do!

Remember, in case of emergency, familiarize yourself with the location of your homes incoming main water supply and shut off valve.

If your garbage disposal stops working it may need to be reset. Look for a small switch on the bottom or side of the unit, if that doesn't work give us a call! NEVER put your hand or tools into the disposal!

Avoid putting stringy or fibrous waste like celery, bananas, or animal skin into your garbage disposal as these are more likely to cause a clog.

In extremely cold weather, or if you lose power during cold weather, open valves to let your faucets and showers drip slowly to prevent freezing and bursting

As the rainy season begins, consider installing a flood sensor in your basement or crawl space to help detect water in places It shouldn't be.

In the spring check your downspouts and gutters for birds nests and leaf clogs to prevent water from backing up and causing damage and erosion around your home.


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