Slab Leak Detection Plumbing Services
When you pipes start to leak, you know its time to call Ideal Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service Mo. your local plumber around the corner in your neighborhood. When your plumbing system leaks in or under your foundation, it can be referred to as a “slab leak.” It doesn't mean your foundation is leaking, it just means your plumbing is leaking under or in the foundation. Our expert plumbers will show up at your residence in our super clean new plumbing service vehicles fully equipped with the latest technology in plumbing repair to fix your leaking pipes.

There are four ways that your plumbing will develop a leak under a slab:

  1. Corrosion from soil chemicals - Underground pipes make contact with soil on the exterior of the pipe and water on the inside. Water balance and a charged ground could induce electrolysis in metallic pipes, causing corrosion from the inside or outside of the pipe and eventually causing holes in the pipe.
  2. Abrasion from long term vibration - As water travels through plumbing, vibrations, expansion and contracting may cause the pipe to rub against concrete, gravel, rebar, or other pipes depending on the construction. Over time, the constant vibration and abrasion of the pipe will grate the pipe until it springs a leak.
  3. Pressure from human error or shifting ground - Underground pipes may experience high levels of pressure from earthquakes, or poor construction. Pipes can be crushed or creased under this type of pressure, depending on the area of pressure.
  4. Construction defect - During construction, faulty workmanship may not only require rework , but also may result in damage to construction work performed by others.
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